Doe N' Heat


Paula & Boyd's Doe N' Heat is the strongest, freshest, most effective and most proven buck lure on the market. 

Unlike much of our competitions' offered scents, we guarantee you the freshest, purest estrus deer urine available anywhere. Like all our deer scents, our Doe N' Heat is collected using our "Fresh Extraction Process," maximizing the effectiveness of our buck lure. While all of our deer scents provide a competitive advantage in the stand, Doe N' Heat goes above and beyond during peak rut. If a hunter were to use any deer scents during his/her hunt, Doe N' Heat would be the deer lure to have! 

Tip: Make sure to thoroughly soak your favorite scent wick and stake out the "four corners" of your stand set-up, and you will quickly find that Doe N' Heat is the best deer acctractant out there. Also, be sure to remove any deer scents placed in the woods after the hunt to ensure its effectiveness during future hunts. 

As with all of our deer lures, Doe N' Heat comes in a 2 oz size with a convenient spray top applicator. So try our deer scents today! Deer hate it. Hunters love it!